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JAPA brings your entire parking operation under control.

Parking. Made Intelligent.
JAPA's cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the parking experience, making it more convenient for users and enhancing the efficiency of campuses and urban environments. By integrating seamlessly with cities and universities, JAPA actively contributes to the advancement of their Smart Campus or Smart City projects. Moreover, each JAPA installation opens the door to a network of Siemens Smart City partners, offering a comprehensive suite of intelligent urban solutions. This collaboration not only simplifies parking but also propels the broader objectives of smart urban development.
6.6M Cars Parked Using JAPA
20+ Cities  Make your city the next SMART City
500K+ Hours Saved Searching for Parking

Management Platform

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How JAPA Works Across All Verticals

At JAPA, we provide smart parking solutions tailored to meet the needs of any organization with parking facilities, including universities, cities, hospitals, and more. Our technology optimizes parking across all verticals, making it efficient and user-friendly.

JAPA's Products and Features:
Mobile App Integration: Enhanced user convenience.
Real-time Parking Data Analytics: Insights for better decision-making.
Smart Parking Sensors: Real-time space availability.
Customizable Solutions: Tailored to specific needs.
Sustainability Initiatives: Reduced vehicle emissions.
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