University of California, Riverside - Riverside, CA.


The Parking Issue:

Multiple businesses are located on campus in a marketplace that is mainly occupied by student vehicles. There are many spots in this area with 1 hour time limit to provide required availability for customers to visit these local businesses. Vehicles were drastically overstaying time limits resulting in an increased effort for enforcement.


The Smart Solution

The JAPA Solution Smart sensors were installed on all time limited spaces and programmed with specific functions on the management console. By hacing spaces automatically turn red after time limit has been reached, enforcement is now able to view exact elapsed times of all parked vehicles. This helps determine overstays, average/peak stay times and enforce violations to increase the turnover rate.
To further assist parking staff, a night time schedule was implemented to allow vehicles an additional hour of parking, outside normal business hours.

Features of JAPA's system that help solve these issues:

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