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Maximize Your Lane Efficiency: Precision Per-Space Sensing & Car Counting Solutions

Transform your parking facility into a seamless, efficient, and profitable operation with Japa's cutting-edge smart parking sensors and services. Our comprehensive solutions, including per-space sensing and ingress and egress lane counting, offer real-time data and insights that empower drivers and facility managers alike.

Revolutionary Surface Mount Sensors

Unlock the power of accurate, real-time vehicle detection and available parking space location with our innovative surface mount sensors. These versatile sensors can be installed in-ground or on the surface and communicate with a base station over a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) for exceptional performance.

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Next-Generation Flush Mount Sensors

Our pioneering flush mount sensors accurately detect parking events in even in the most harsh environments (snow, heat, etc.), filtering out electromagnetic interference for consistently reliable performance. These sensors ensure continuous, highly accurate vehicle detection while maintaining ultra-low-power operation.

sensor inground

Per-Space Sensing for Maximum Data

Experience the future of parking with our state-of-the-art per-space sensing technology. By monitoring individual parking spaces in real-time, we help drivers quickly find open spots, reduce traffic congestion, and improve overall parking satisfaction.

  •     Unmatched 99.5% accuracy in vehicle detection
  •     Remarkable 10-year battery life
  •     Effortless adhesive fixing to road surfaces
  •     Waterproof and rigorously temperature tested

Optimized Ingress and Egress Lane Counting

Elevate your parking facility's performance with our advanced ingress and egress lane counting service. By tracking the flow of vehicles entering and exiting, we empower facility managers to optimize traffic flow, enhance parking efficiency, and boost revenue.

Uninterrupted Detection

Japa guarantees continuous vehicle detection without missing a single parking event

LPWAN & LORAWAN Compatibility

Built-in LoRa radio ensures seamless communication with base stations and full LPWAN compatibility


Harness the power of IoT for both on-street and off-street public and private parking management


Bluetooth Low Energy

Enjoy wireless configuration and software updates through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Comprehensive Management Software

Visualize advanced parking data with our easy-to-use dashboard, simplifying management and monitoring of all parking resources

Hassle-Free Integration

Simple installation process requires no hardwiring or additional infrastructure


Take your parking facility to new heights with Japa's industry-leading smart parking solutions. Don't miss out on the opportunity to increase efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive more revenue. Contact us today to learn more and upgrade your parking management system.