Our Projects

Since 2019 we’ve been working extremely hard on building the most robust, turn-key Smart Parking Solution on the market today. All this hard work has resulted in multiple amazing projects and references. Want to get in contact with one of our references? Contact us now!


University of California, Riverside - Riverside, CA.

JAPA Smart parking system implemented to monitor limited time zones in busy areas of campus. The JAPA Mobile App also integrates with other existing systems to allow students to view live information on multiple parking locations.


Cal Poly Pomona - Pomona, CA.

JAPA lane counting sensors are being used to monitor occupancy in a 2,200+ space parking structure. One of the busiest structures on campus is accurately counted with a minimal 6 counters.


University of California, Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara, CA.

JAPA Smart Parking system is being used for every space in one of the main parking structures and surrounding lot(s) on campus. This 1200+ space installation shows real-time availablity for every space on a mobile application and additional outdoor signage.


UC Davis Medical Center - Sacramento, CA.

The JAPA Smart Parking System has been implemented into the majority of surface parking lots with sensors on each individual space monitoring for occupancy. The JAPA Mobile app is used by patients, visitors, and employees to view real-time information for the spaces on campus.


City of Woodland - Woodland, CA.

JAPA was installed to monitor the downtown area of the City of Woodland. Per-space sensors are used to enforce timed zone spaces and to recognize when a timed violation has occured. The JAPA Mobile app alerts parkers when their time will expire. This provides more turnover for the local businesses.


Dallas Scottish Rite Children's Hospital' - Dallas, TX.

This pediatric hospital located in Dallas, Texas was looking for a smart parking system that could help enhance the parking experience for their patients, specifically for those who park in the ADA spaces. JAPA alerts the management when a patient arrives and the management automatically sends out help to the patient.


Sacramento Municipal Utility District - Sacramento, CA.

The historic garage was outfitted with Japa Smart Parking Technology to show real-time availability for employees and visitors. This project color coordinated the spaces to match the JAPA Mobile App.


University of California, Davis- Davis, CA.

This is where JAPA was born! The JAPA system installed at the university included: Per-space sensors, Ingress/Egress Lane Counting, and the JAPA Software/Mobile App. Go Aggies!


City of Vacaville - Vacaville, CA.

JAPA was installed to monitor the downtown area of the City of Vacaville. Per-space sensors are used to recognize when a space is available or taken. The JAPA Mobile app help the community members and visitors find parking quickly and more efficiently. This will also provide more turnover for local businesses.


UC Berkeley - Berkeley, CA.

JAPA smart sensors have been implemented into UC Berkeley's parking lots, helping students and staff to get real-time parking availability and find parking easier. JAPA is also helping the university maximize all of its underutilized spaces by showing these on the JAPA Mobile App.


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