About JAPA

At JAPA, we're driven by the vision of seamless urban mobility. Our mission is to revolutionize parking management through smart technology, making cities more accessible, sustainable, and livable. By minimizing the time and stress associated with parking, we're not just solving a parking problem; we're enhancing the quality of urban life.

From Campus Challenge to Urban Revolution: The JAPA Story

Our Journey
JAPA's journey began with a simple homework assignment at the University of California, Davis. Two college students, tasked with identifying a problem and devising a solution, set their sights on an issue that affects millions daily: parking. This assignment sparked the idea for JAPA, a smart parking solution aimed at revolutionizing urban mobility. From these humble beginnings, JAPA has grown into a leader in smart parking technology, driven by innovation and a passion for solving real-world challenges.

Our Impact
Beyond simplifying parking, JAPA's solutions contribute to a cleaner, greener urban environment. By minimizing the time spent searching for parking, we reduce CO2 emissions and promote sustainability. Our vision extends to reimagining urban mobility, creating spaces that prioritize people, not cars.

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