Cal Poly Pomona - Pomona, CA.


The Parking Issue:

Cal Poly Pomona is a large campus with many high occupancy structures and surface lots. There was a demand for information on parking availability without extensive hardware or cost. One of the main high traffic structures on campus needed to display accurate occupancy levels for students and parking staff.


The Smart Solution:

With a focus on minimal downtime, JAPA sensors were placed at the entrance and exit lanes of the structures to count vehicle traffic. This quick installation only took a matter of hours. Live information is able to be viewed by parking management with the benefit of historical data analytics. With only a few sensors, structures of any size can be monitored with exceptional accuracy.

To help reduce congestion on campus from vehicles searching for parking, parking locations and live occupancy information is displayed on the JAPA mobile app.

Features of JAPA's system that help solve these issues:

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