UCD Medical Center - Sacramento, CA.



The Parking Issue:

UC Davis Health is a university medical center that is improving lives and transforming health care by providing excellent patient care. To keep on providing the best possible experience to their students/staff and patients, there was a need for live parking availibility. There are many different types of commuters on campus such as students, employees, and patients all searching for parking with limited time on their schedule.

The Smart Solution:

Smart sensors were installed in each one of the parking spaces for numerous lots on campus. Staff parking spaces are labeled with different icons and maps change throughout the day to reflect normal employee hours. Designated spots are reserved for a period in the morning to allow employees to park quickly and start work without delays.

To administer the second challenge, patients and visitors are now using our Mobile App, which gives them the opportunity to see real-time availability for each space on campus and get directions to the exact spot they want to go. This helps with traffic congestion and to make data-driven decisions for operations as a whole.

Features of JAPA's system that help solve these issues:

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